How To Buy Leather Lingerie: Your Guide To Getting It Right

leather lingerie

Are you someone that thinks that there is no such thing as too many lingerie? We are glad that a thriving tribe of people believe that women look much sexier in lingerie than even when they are stark naked.  

Why lingerie is universally loved:

A famous saying goes, "God made women, but lingerie makes them Sexy." We cannot emphasize enough how true this is. 

There are some very logical reasons why women love lingerie.

  1. It takes away attention from their bodily flaws
  2. It accentuates their figure 
  3. The right kind of lingerie can step up her oomph factor
  4. It can make them feel sensual and sexy

Now the reason why men like their women in lingerie are obvious. The shape and the style of the right kind of lingerie can help spice up things in the bedroom. Most men love their women in skimpy, on the face strappy variety of outfits; it brings many surprise factors into their intimate moments. Imagine opening a Christmas gift – you get the drift? 

Things to know before deciding on buying lingerie:

  • Know the Leather type:

Real leather lingerie is produced from the skin of cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. There is also faux leather lingerie available in the market today. It is artificial leather but similar to real leather in its appearance. Lingerie made from genuine leather is more expensive than faux leather. Both the varieties can last you long if you take good care of them. Select the one that you feel comfortable about, in case if you are one of those vegans you can always go for the faux leather. 

  • Brand:

Gone are the days when lingerie only meant something lacy and fancy. Today, leather lingerie is a hit with most couples. If customer reviews are any indication, then these are the hottest favorite with every man and woman who is thinking of spicing up things in their bedrooms. What is more, they look as glamorous as the lacy ones. There are several erotic lingerie stores where you can find leather lingerie of your taste.  

Always go for established brands, who built themselves over the years since you would be shelling out more from your pocket. So, why not make it worthwhile. 

  • Online stores: 

The internet is packed with lingerie online stores. They are a great way to shop right from the comfort of your home. These would also give you a brief idea of what you should look for when you go to the physical stores purchasing the one. But make sure the stores offer, online payment option and good returns policy. 

Now that you are equipped with basic information about lingerie shopping.

Here are a few technical things that you should look for before making your purchase: 

  • Quality: 

The best quality of leather lingerie depends on several factors.  

  • The property of the leather that is used
  • The processing agents used during the manufacture of the said leather lingerie
  • The kind of cutting edge technology that is used
  • The dyes used to color the leather. With the extensive use of technology, you can now procure leather lingerie in as many colors that you desire. 

So, before picking on the lingerie, it is very vital to check the criteria mentioned above. 

  • Comfort:

The best leather lingerie is supple and soft and does not irritate the skin. It may be tight the first time, but it will loosen up and become comfortable to wear with regular wearing. It is a breathable fabric, flexible material adding to the comfort of the wearer. It can feel like a second skin. As these are very durable and does not tear, you must ensure to select the best amongst the options. 

  • Design: 

Whether it is for men or women, leather lingerie is available in all kinds of designs, patterns, colors, and finishes. There are a belt, corset, bras, teddies, panties, thongs, and full leg stockings for the women, and there are underwear, leather harness, and belts for the men. 

There are plenty of sizes, and they can range from the small to the extra plus sizes. Make sure that you measure yourself first correctly before ordering lingerie online as lingerie Canada market is full of mind-blowing designs. 

Below are the various kind of designs that you can look for and must own each for varied events: 

  • Red hot harness set:

A leather harness is used to attach a sex toy like a dildo or a butt plug to one partner's body for kinky sex. They are available for both men and women. The toy is attached to it using an O-ring or Vac-U-Lock system.

  • Bridal white set:  

White leather lingerie is a rage with brides who want to give their husbands the best surprise on their nuptial nights. 

  • Leopard printed set: 

How about showing your wild side to him by sporting the leopard printed bikini set? He will love to see you in it and without it.  

  • Leather with lace set:  

Thanks to cutting edge technology, it is now possible to have lace cut leather lingerie. They overflow with desire and oomph. 

  • A little care is all that is needed: 

Taking care of your leather lingerie is easy. Steer away from using your ordinary household cleaner that is not specifically recommended for leather. Baby wipes also don't make a mark here. 

What you will need to invest in is a good quality leather conditioner. Conditioning the leather at least two times in a year will keep it from drying. Alternatively, you could even use a mild dish soap solution and wipe the leather lingerie clean with a soft damp cloth. It will not take you five minutes to wipe your leather lingerie and condition, but it will extend your laundry life by years.  

Store the leather lingerie the right way: 

  1. Store it on a wooden or a plastic hanger. It's a bonus if the hanger comes with padding.
  2. Do not expose your leather lingerie to sunlight for a long time.
  3. Avoid drying it out because it will lose its natural elasticity.
  4. Let the lingerie air dry naturally; do not apply heat to dry it out faster; it will damage. 
  5. To treat strains, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. You may use a specialized leather stain remover if the stain is tough;
  6. Use a repellent product like a cotton cover to protect it. It allows the leather to breathe, thereby increasing its life. 
  7. Leather lingerie is not everyday wear. Ensure that the storage wardrobe is not too hot and humid because this will dry the leather out and even make it coarse. 
  8. At all times, keep it away from plastic. It creates a humid environment if you cover it with it. Even plastic with holes made is a complete no-no.

Finally, it all comes down to storing your leather lingerie right. It does not come cheap, and taking care of it will ensure that it will let you pleasantly surprise your lovers and make you feel good inside out for years to come.


There are a lot of reasons why you must buy leather lingerie. It is now being preferred more and more by men and women across the countries of the globe. Leather lingerie can make you look utterly gorgeous and come across as passionate to your partner. It is now available in hordes of sizes, colors, finish, and patterns. Definitely, the best fashion statement to make today.  

When buying leather lingerie, one thing that you cannot afford to overlook is doing thorough research. There is a lot to choose from, and it is not exactly cheap. It makes a lot of sense to buy things that are mostly your type, and using it will justify its cost.