Plus Size Lingerie – Importance of Buying the Right Size Lingerie

Plus Size Lingerie

Have you been to lingerie stores looking for your size and be utterly disappointed Were you told that there is only so much choice as a medium-sized rack of clothes? We know that feeling. We want to tell you that what they tell you about plus size lingerie markets and fashion trends is all inaccurate. 

The truth is that there is a definite market for curvy clothes as much as there is a market for plus-sized lingerie. However, some of the stores are either too snooty or too narrow-minded to customize sizes above 16 or do not want to entertain customers with that size because they do not have enough customers of that size walking into their stores.

Here are five funny reasons that shopkeepers will give you when you demand to see plus-size lingerie: 

  • There is no market for plus size lingerie because large women do not like to buy off the shelf lingerie;
  • Bigger women do not necessarily want to look good most of the times;
  • Curvier women do not want to spend too much on their looks and especially on their lingerie closet;
  • There are no role models that will speak up for plus-sized lingerie;
  • There is absolutely no funding in this field. Complete lack of interest by the who's who in the lingerie business. No one wants to burn their money in this.

 So you see, however convincing the excuses sound, they are downright comical? 

Why pay attention to the right fit?

The rules of the right fit are common and clear.  

  1. The bra and the panty does not have to dig into your skin
  2. The straps should not slip off your shoulders and 
  3. Your breasts mustn't spill out of the cups

If you are a plus size, please do not settle down for size or half a size smaller simply because that is available.  

Wearing the wrong size bra, whether too tight or too loose means that 

  • You are prone to have bad posture soon
  • Terrible pain emanating from the chest and the back
  • Even the best of clothes will look mediocre
  • At the core, your confidence is what is at stake. 

If not physical stores why not shop online?

If you find stores selling abysmal plus size collection that is probably collecting dust at the backside of their warehouses, chuck physical shopping and log on to online lingerie stores. Plus size lingerie Canada online stores will not disappoint you. Here you can pick up sexy lingerie in Canada that is famous for its varied designs and style. You can even pick up cheap lingerie online because of daily offers and discounts for its customers.

Know the difference between Full bust, full figure, and plus-size lingerie: 

  • A small waistband size with large cup size requires full bust lingerie that ranges from sizes 28G up to 36DD.
  • A full-figure bra requires cup sizes of DD plus with a waistband that is 38 inches or more. 
  • Plus size bras have a band size of 38 or larger that go up to 44 DD plus.

What are some of the lingerie that best suits the figures' curviest and makes them look deliciously beautiful?

  1. Camisole

Cute and convenient, this deep necked and sleeveless vest is one of your best bets to pull over your favorite bra and shorts. Frilly or plain, you will rock the look.  

  1. Matching Sets

Go for perfectly matched bra and panty sets. Choose a high waist panty that will cover your tummy and most of your buttocks to feel as confident as much as sensuous. 

  1. Bustier

The full-length bustier extends from your bra down to your waist, giving your lower body firmness and flattering shape. 

  1. Teddies

A teddy is the right combination of a camisole and a bra that you can wear to the beach. Go for a black one to accentuate your waistline.

  1. Nightgowns

Free and open nightgowns will make you look sexy and keep you comfortable and happy in your skin. 

  1. Corsets

A Corset is shapewear and will enhance your figure because it can easily reduce your waist size by one or two sizes. 

  1. Baby dolls

Go for baby dolls that are snug at the breasts and looser at the waist and buttocks. The ones that have underwire will give better support and shape. 

  1. Chemise

A chemise is longer than a baby doll, but it will fit nicely around hips and thighs, giving a luscious shape to the lower parts. 

Plus Size Lingerie Canada

Other Tips for plus-size women:

- The first step towards is, lingerie must fit you well. The trick is to highlight your favorite part of the body and cover up the parts that you feel very less confident about. For instance, for a sexy date, use garter belts. The belt will sit on the waist, and the lacy side panels will cover the tummy and the hips and not draw too much attention to them. 

- When it comes to panties, go for the high waist ones. Try to wear them with a bra that has a larger waist belt about an inch so that they both can overlap and give an illusion of a one-piece suit. 

- Go for sheer panties. They make the look light and do not create a solid block of one color or one texture.  

- Use lacy central panels in the panties to give an illusion of a narrow waist and reduce the fullness of the hips. This look also helps in increasing the visual height of the torso.

- Online shoppers must carefully note the model's height in the images to understand if the panty height is good for them. 

- If you want to hide your thighs, then you must buy panties that show off your butt with lacy intricacy and detailing. The idea is to highlight the parts that you love and then find lingerie that complements them.  

- Your best bet is to go for the colors that suit your skin and your hair, but don't shy away from sporting bold colors and prints.   


  1. How should I determine my correct bra size if I am a plus-size woman? 

You will need the measurement around your back and under your bust for the correct band size and around your back over the nipples for the accurate cup size. Now subtract the difference. The difference is the alphabet that commensurates with that number. For example, if your band size is 44 and your bust size is 41, then 41 subtracted from 44 is 3, and so your cup size will be C, which is the third alphabet.

  1. I have unequal breasts, how should I size my plus-size bra? 

Experts are unanimous that if you have unequal breasts, you must fit the bra to the larger breast. You could then add removable pads to the smaller breast's cup. 

  1. Is it important that I only wear a high waist panty if I am a plus-size woman?

It is a good idea to wear a panty that you are comfortable in because you will wear it for a big part of the day. Low rise panties may roll down or slip down your tummy curves, reducing your comfort and confidence levels. 


A Plus size bra should fit snugly – not tight, not loose:

The right plus size bra must allow you to only fit in one finger at the back. The waistband should support your bust, and the underwire must not dig into your skin. A Loose fit is not comfortable so far as plus size bra is concerned.