Your Best Guide To Buying Sumptuously Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is the most essential garment in anyone’s wardrobe. There are a whopping 50 plus styles of sexy lingerie in the market today. From the sleeveless and loose-fitting to the tight-fitting and figure-enhancing, there is a hell lot of choice. If you are looking for plus size lingerie, you will be surprised how the market trends have changed, it has loads to offer in terms of designs to choose from! 

Hot Lingerie

Lingerie sells out like hot cakes everywhere in the world. The budgets can range from anything to anything. In terms of pricing, if you are looking for cheap lingerie, Canada is the best destination for fulfilling all your fantasies. 

Here are some reasons why you must pay attention to lingerie: 

  • Lingerie can boost the sex appeal of the wearer by making them feel and look sexy and hot. 
  • Research links surprising lingerie with imminent turn-on
  • Psychiatrists say that people in love are constantly looking for visual signs and overtures. Well-suited lingerie can spice things up in the bedroom
  • They are convenient and look elegant when someone wants to show off their well-tanned and well-toned body in a pool, beach, or a private resort. 
  • They are an integral part of fashion shows where men and women flaunt their body shapes. 
  • They can make women appear slimmer by accentuating their body shape and tautening loose flabs. The kind of lingerie is usually worn over the thighs and abdomen. 
  • It promotes foreplay. Imagine opening a Christmas present. That kind of feeling. 

Sexy bedroom lingerie in the US and Canada: 

Are you looking for the best negligee in the whole of the US and Canada? You know we’ve got you covered! You don’t necessarily have to spend your time and energy going to the actual store. The best in Drool fashion lingerie is only a click away. Check out; it is a one-stop-shop for all your lingerie needs. 

Women absolutely love to wear lingerie:

Very few women would not want to wear lingerie when they are alone or intimately with their partners. It makes them look hot, stylish, and sexy. Many women will also say that sexy sheer lingerie makes them feel and look vulnerable, and it helps spice things up in the bedroom for them. A lot of women in the US and Canada, including me, love their push up bras.  

Why is lingerie expensive?

  • There is first the cost of the material that needs to be covered
  • The best quality carries a bigger price tag
  • There are logistics to think about
  • Taxes and import duties if the lingerie is for the overseas market
  • Finally, the retailer’s profit margins.  

That being said, not all lingerie is expensive. There are a lot of little-known stores that manufacture excellent quality and at very reasonable pricing. 

Where do you buy plus size lingerie? 

Lovehoney has erotic lingerie in free sizes that are good for every budget. You can even avail of a five-dollar discount and earn points with every purchase. Adore Me also retails plus size lingerie because it celebrates curves with a newly curated collection that changes monthly. 

All you need to do is take accurate measurements of your body, create a free account, and then tell the stylists what pattern and material you prefer. Then there is also Adam $ Eve with a wide range of plus size lingerie that is absolutely class apart. They come within your budget and can be brown boxed and shipped discreetly to your address.

What type of lingerie do men like?

What men like can be a very subjective topic, but what moves quickly from stores around Valentines can perhaps give us a good indication. Deep red colored lingerie is a hot favorite. White, black, and cherry pink is also popular. Most men will prefer a bikini kind of lingerie than something that covers the mid ridge. 

Do you know the materials used?

The sheer fabric used in lingerie making is by far the interesting part. They are hot favorites because they come with the benefit of revealing all that needs to be revealed with the bonus of hiding just the minimum. The fabrics include 

  • Cotton
  • Lace material
  • Nylon
  • An expandable fiber called Spandex that gives great shape to the wearer 

Not all lingerie is made to be worn inside a closed bedroom or as sleepwear alone. It can be worn by men and women as underclothes at work, workout clothes at the gym, playing on the beach, or even as a basic garment inside their clothes. 

Here the best brands in Lingerie: 

Flowers, love ballads, balloons, and chocolates may have become clichés. But what is never going to go out of fashion is giving lingerie for a gift. Why even buying lingerie to pamper yourself is the best example of self-love!

Sweet prints from cute pink hearts to cheeky cupids and romantic, sweet nothings will make you look stylishly sophisticated and not to forget sexy. Here is a list of the best brands to shop your lingerie from: 

Thief & Bandit, Halifax

This east coast brand completed a decade recently. The company claims that every lingerie in their store is made lovingly with a hand right from the printing to the sewing. The bespoke lingerie store takes about 2 to 3 weeks to deliver, so you must plan if you have any plans.  

 Fortnight Lingerie, Toronto

Are you someone that loves classic pieces yet something that has a hint of the modernity attached to it? This brand is going to own it. The brand makes its lovely pieces in its west end Toronto studio. The lingerie that it is very popular and is made with a lightweight jersey sourced from Italy and laces from a mill in France. A lot of celebrity’s love to shop at their store.  

Mary Young, Toronto

This Montreal based store makes lingerie both with comfort and style in mind. It uses a rayon that is made from organic bamboo and therefore is entirely sustainable. The brand is famous in the US as well as in Japan. 

Other brands are noteworthy too. Some of them are:

 Here is what lingerie should you buy for your wife? 

  1. Adore Me (Facebook: adoremeofficial) is best if you want to pick that you do not generally find at any stores. The online store has a quiz that curates a collection based on your answers. There are great offers to grab if you are an avid shopper. 
  1. ThirdLove (Instagram @Thirdlove) is one brand that you need to know like right now because they retail half cup size! Here is a shout out to all the folks who wore too tight or too loose; not anymore.  
  1. True & Co (Instagram @Trueandco) online quiz is the most hassle-free thing to do. It will only show you the stuff that will go well with your body type taking the guesswork out of your mundane shopping routine.
  1. A store named the Butterfly Collection where yours truly shops for all things to wear inside. The best part about the store is that the underwear is sorted out by themes and is a dream come true if you are digging for fantasy lingerie. 


Lingerie can come in any shape and size. There are as many materials to choose from. Trust us; there is never something called ‘too many lingerie.’ There is always another one that you will like each time you enter a lingerie store or happen to pass by its windows.