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  • The Complete Men's Guide to Buying Erotic Lingerie

    Buying lingerie is an excellent way of appreciating her body. It boosts her self-esteem and allows her to feel sexy. It is possible that while you are at it, you may get excited and pick up something that is overboard for her. That is why you must settle for something classy and straightforward if this is your first time. Keep your purse strings open too. Luxurious and comfortable lingerie are made using cutting edge technology and are not necessarily cheap. Gifting cheaper lingerie may mean that they are not long-lasting as well as it may affect her skin adversely. 
  • 10 Must-Have Lingerie In Every Woman's Wardrobe

    Before we wound up, we thought the list was incomplete without a night robe thrown in. A robe is a necessity, especially if you want to sport naughty nightwear inside but want to handle things outside the bedroom. It comes handy when you are vacationing, especially. Go for a simple one, and it will still add oodles of glamour to your look.  

  • How Wireless Bras Lead the Home Leisure Trend

    Why wireless bra? Lau believes that it will come from fabrics that offer sustainability and/or wellness benefits, like recycled materials that are soft and light. Women are also drawn to innovations that bring added comfort such as fabrics that are moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying. They will also be looking for add benefits that focus on self-care.

    “Whether you are trying out wire-free bras or are sticking with your favorite underwire bra, know that shape and support will give you maximum confidence no matter your size,” recommends Lau.