10 Must-Have Lingerie In Every Woman's Wardrobe

Have you ever felt that your best outfit didn't quite look great because you did not have the right lingerie to go under it? Not having the perfect inners can jumble up an important day. Sometimes, it is just not possible to buy lingerie at the last moment. This is why women must have a stocked-up wardrobe of all the best kinds of lingerie that they will need. You don't want to miss that beach party your friend suddenly throws, do you?

Lingerie Wardrobe

Here is a glance at why your wardrobe must be complete with lingerie conforming to the latest trends:

  • Lingerie is the basic underwear
  • A lot of times, it ruins the dress's look when the bra line or the color of the innerwear is seen through the dress. 
  • Lingerie gives a good foundation for all other clothes in your wardrobe. 
  • It can accentuate your body's shape
  • The right lingerie makes you feel comfortable
  • It is comforting to know that you are wearing something that goes well, and it boosts your confidence. 

Planning your wardrobe with all the essential lingerie must always be your action plan. You must also add on some real good lingerie that you want to surprise your partner with. So what lingerie do you want to find when you open your closet?

  1. Regular bras and panties 

For daily wear, you must have a minimum of 3 to 4 pairs of simple bras and panties that will let you get through the day without feeling inconvenient. Most women prefer to wear light, airy materials like cotton. They are comfortable and do not show from under your clothes. The right fit is very crucial because you may be wearing this for anywhere from 5 to 7 hours every day.  

  1. A convertible bikini 

There is no way you can overlook a convertible bikini set. It is as essential as your regular wear bra and panties. You can pair it with an off-shoulder dress or a spaghetti strap. It can even be used under your elegant evening dress without riding down or rolling up. 

The convertible bikini has straps that can be modified and transformed into various ways; for instance, they can be tied behind for a racerback look or made into a halter neck. The convertible is capable of the strapless as well as a single shoulder. The bikini briefs are very comfortable and can go well with anything that you want to wear short or long.  

  1. Lacy lingerie

There is nothing that can well replace lacy lingerie for a woman. It makes her feel feminine and glamorous. Men love lacy lingerie too, and you can see how their faces light up when they see their girls in itsy bitsy but beautiful lace lingerie. Lacey lingerie looks sexy and is made with cutting edge technology to give a very good fit. Pairing them with silk and satin is ideal. Sheer dresses look good over them too.  

  1. Garter belt along with stocking:

Garter belts and stockings are essentials if you mean to keep your man aroused till eternity. That is the talisman you need to take out when you want to spice up your bedroom life. For the sexy stockings, go for fishnet or sheer. The most popular color is black, but there are some new colors that you may want to spend your money on.  

  1. Nuptial lingerie:

Every woman is invested in the idea of having bridal lingerie. That is something that you must essentially have in the wardrobe. The fabric and design are mostly outstanding and will make him fall in love when he sees you in it. The white leather lingerie bridal suite is something to die for, really! Check out sexy lingerie Canadian stores for the trendiest ones. 

  1. T-shirt bra

The t-shirt bras are not the same as your regular bras. They can be used every day, but they are best worn under tight-fitting apparel. They are seamless, so you will not see a bra line appearing from under your clothes. The cup size is accurate, and it covers everything giving the best definition to your breasts and great support. They must be your wardrobe staples if you wear tees. It is good to have them in a lot of colors so that they do not show from the inside your tee or tunic. 


  1. Bikini set 

It will be unforgiving if you do not have a bikini set ready when your friends suddenly plan a beach party. We think two sets are the minimum to avoid the last-minute rush, but you can have as many of them and not get tired. Keep them accessible because you don't want to hunt for them when the rest of your tribe is already splashing away.  

  1. Sports Bra 

A sports bra gives the perfect fit and comfort when you need to head to the gym or your daily fitness routine. The right sports bra provides excellent support for your breast and makes sure that your body remains in good shape even during working out. They go well for an adventure ride like trekking and can also be worn to marathons. 

  1. High Waist Panties 

A high waist panty comes handy when you want to wear a dress, a skirt, or a pair of high waist trousers. It nicely conceals your tummy and stays there without rolling up. The best material for panties is undoubtedly cotton if you are going to wear it for long hours. But if you are wearing it for a special evening, lacy and satin ones make a mark. 

The high waist ones cover most of your booties, but if you have some apparel that needs low-waist panties, invest in some. A low waist panty gives maximum comfort and fits when paired with jeans.  

  1. Shaping Panty

If you have a dress that needs you to look shapely, offering you maximum coverage over the waist and hips, you must invest in a shaping panty. It is both snug and comfortable. They give you the perfect figure to wear any dress.  

While choosing shaping panty, you must select one that covers your stomach entirely. It will effectively shape your mid ridge and flatter your tummy. Buy your correct size; otherwise, it will roll down, often causing you discomfort and embarrassment. This is one thing we feel you must purchase after trying it out at lingerie stores as lingerie is considered as a huge investment after all. 


Before we wound up, we thought the list was incomplete without a night robe thrown in. A robe is a necessity, especially if you want to sport naughty nightwear inside but want to handle things outside the bedroom. It comes handy when you are vacationing, especially. Go for a simple one, and it will still add oodles of glamour to your look.  

Also, do not forget to stock up on lingerie wash bags to make sure that they give you a good life. Hand wash is recommended for delicate and costly lingerie at most times. If you are someone that tosses them in the machine, then you must put them into spacious lingerie washing bags to not damage them.