The Complete Men's Guide to Buying Erotic Lingerie

Mens Lingerie

Gifting a loved one is never easy!

Have you been looking out to gift your partner, but you cannot wrap your head around something great for the life of you. Have you exhausted the usual flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears in the last few times and are now genuinely looking to buy something that will throw her in your arms?  

Erotic lingerie may be the answer:

Are you fizzed out at this thought because you have no idea what she'll love? Also, there are tens of other concerns running in your mind? We hear you; we do. Statistics point out that about 75 percent of women love receiving lingerie for gifts. The same also tells us that about 45 percent of men go for lingerie shopping but take a right about turn or fizzle out just before taking the garment to the cash counter.  

Here are some of the reasons why lingerie shopping makes gentlemen panic: 

  • Men loathe it because it is a dangerous gamble, indeed. If they get it right, they earn massive brownie points, and if they don't, it can potentially land them in a soup. 
  • With the number of sizes and specifications that they have to navigate, it can muddle their brains. 
  • Some men also fear that they may get something that will upset their lady so much that they may not trust them again.
  • Men also deeply house a concern that women may think that they are perverts if they are seen lingering around the women's lingerie department too long. 
  • It is a given though that both can have a taste in lingerie that is poles apart, and covering the middle ground may be a taxing experience.

We'd still insist that there is nothing that competes with lingerie when you want to gift her the most intimate of things. It is worth all the risks. Therefore chuck the perfume and drop those bath bomb ideas for now.

Whether it is bespoke lingerie or cheap lingerie Canada your girl is going to be surprised with the love, care, and attention you paid to get the gift. So, go through the points given below, before going on your adventurous shopping experience:

  •  Empower yourself with the right terminology: 

The names and the style may undoubtedly sound alien, and the terminology for the various designed lingerie will confuse a newbie. Added to this, the overlapping sizes and options and some men break out in a sweat even as they begin. 

So, it is always better to do a bit of groundwork and go prepared. 

  •  The secret is in getting basics right:

Remember the time when you had to learn formulas to solve math problems in school? Buying lingerie is akin to that. All that you need to learn the difference between a bra and a bralette, a G-string, and a thong and maybe a baby doll and a camisole. And in case of any doubts, there is loads of research material all over the internet. 

  • Think what makes her look and feel sexiest:

Keenly observe her style. Make sure to notice her comfort level too. Make note if there is any body part, she loves to flaunt more or if she hides any. The color palette is crucial, also; it is a wild mix and matches her style or likes lingerie in pastels and monochrome. 

Here you need to pay attention to the design, color, and patterns. Also, make sure you tick the box against these pointers:

Bra design: There is a whirlpool of design and pattern available in the market. So picking on the one you like makes it more important to know your girl's likes and make a purchase accordingly.

Built-in lingerie whose purpose is to support the body structure. It is more sort of a dress under your tee shirt. Your girl can use it for your beach trips or swimming pool time.

Front closed lingerie have hooks or buttons at the front instead of the regular back openers.

Bandeau lingerie is a bra that can be worn with or without a bra strap. It just hugs the breasts and lets your girl flaunt those off-shoulder dresses.

Convertible lingerie can be used both with the straps and without. The straps are provided as detachable, unlike the bandeau, which can be bought with one option.

Complete support lingerie offers support to the breasts and keeps them in place with comfort.

Pushup lingerie is designed to give those small breasts a lift and give a fuller look. These do come in padded variety as well.

  • Get the right size: 

Snoop into her draws where she stores inners if you can! 

For your wife and live-in partner, this may not be difficult to sneak peek into her draws and check out her sizes. You will ideally need to have three sizes handy

  • Her bra size
  • Her waist size and 
  • Her hip size 

Bra size is the actual size of her cups, usually denoted as alphabets such as A, B, C, D, etc., it is a good idea to have sizes taken from three of her bras. Make a note so that you do not forget. Waist and the hip size can be determined from her jeans or skirts.  

You can also try to talk to her about her choices, not to disappoint her with your choice. But talking can mean giving her the surprise factor. If your relationship is such that you cannot snoop into her space, there is no reason to fret. Most lingerie retail brands have helpful size guides, and with a little probing, you will be able to guess which size is the best for her. 

  • Don’t assume and go wrong: 

This will save you from ending up on the wrong side if there is a marginal difference in the size you chose. So pay attention:

  • A poorly fitting bra is a disaster
  • There is no concept of one size for all
  • No, the dress size she wears is no indication of her bra size
  • If you do not know her bra size or have no scope to find out, resist buying it; instead, go for a camisole top or a sheer negligee.  
  • Seek help if needed:

First of all, never shy away from asking and clearing away your concerns, and secondly, there are no stupid questions. If you are in a physical store, try seeking the salesperson's help who is responsible for that section. They will love to help you, also complimenting you for doing the right thing for your partner. You can take a photo of her to help you choose the best color for her. 

Lingerie online stores may not have a physical salesperson to approach, but you can always shoot a mail and seek assistance or clarity on a product that you intend to purchase for your leading lady. 

  • Save the receipt:

Lingerie is not exactly cheap, so in case of doubt, you surely can settle down for the smaller size inners but do not trash the receipt. Stores that refund your money back often expect you to bring the goods intact and receipts handed over to them to affect an exchange or a refund. 


Buying lingerie is an excellent way of appreciating her body. It boosts her self-esteem and allows her to feel sexy. It is possible that while you are at it, you may get excited and pick up something that is overboard for her. That is why you must settle for something classy and straightforward if this is your first time. Keep your purse strings open too. Luxurious and comfortable lingerie are made using cutting edge technology and are not necessarily cheap. Gifting cheaper lingerie may mean that they are not long-lasting as well as it may affect her skin adversely.